"Now that the drones have become so easy to use, one need only to handle a Phone to get into the air."


With the above logic, one would not need to train pilots flying passenger plane either - after all autopilots can both start, fly and land the plane.

In fact, training in drönarflygning is more important and more in demand than ever. We share airspace with real planes and helicopters and is responsible for the life and limb of humans and animals on the ground where we fly. UAS:engines have fantastic system for navigating by satellite - but what happens where they suddenly lose the GPS connector? Can you fly home and land when?

Our ambition is to keep the country's educational, thought through and worked through drönarutbildningar. So far we have been very successful with it - please read the reviews at the bottom of the page. The basis of our drönarskola we use our knowledge from ten years of unmanned aerial vehicles. Our greatest strength, however, is primarily price leaders' ability and desire to constantly be deleted from the special application of drönartekniken, whether it's about to film nice sunsets, inspect the roof insulation with thermal imaging or mapping agricultural land. As a base for our further training are a number of solid and methodical Powerpoint presentations. On this basis, we tailor each course then after the client end, with its UAS operations.

Leave the paperwork to us

We will of course also with state processing, investigation and projection before purchasing, method development in all applications that UAS technology offers.


In all our UAS courses include a basic review of Law and regulations, safety approach and liability issues. We learn then out photographic techniques, flight mechanics and electronic and dive into the features and settings in the right drönartyp you intend to fly with. And then of course we fly a lot, and practice to solve problematic situations.

The courses are based on detailed and pre-agreed syllabuses with checklists and a solid Powerpoint documents, but the workshop stressed. In this way we take advantage of the knowledge and experience that already exists among the participants. The result is highly effective teaching.

Course leader


Francois Texier

Francois is a civil engineer with long experience as a technical trainer. It's Francois who develop and has the main responsibility for our courses. Previously he has worked with aviation technology at SAAB. Francois was drönaroperatör 2011 and also certificates for ultralight aircraft.

flygfotograf Erik Hugoson

erik Hugoson

Erik's aerial photographer and helped start up the helicopter Photo Stockholm 2006. He has a very large number of flight hours on all sorts of UAS:is. Moreover certificate for glider and screen.


The entry-level course for individual UAS pilots

Two-hour private lesson the first of which is devoted to regulations, security and technology while the other is in the air. Perfect as a gift for new drönarägare!

Pricing:: 1950:- + moms

kurs för operatörer av drönare

UAS course for photojournalists

Two half-days for established photographers who want to learn to talk with stills and video from the air. A solid course where the first day is devoted to theory where we look carefully at technology, regulations and safety. Second day we alternate flight with the deepening of the UAS theory.

Price according to offer.

UAS for agriculture

Two days with the aim of learning agronomists and growers to use drones for more efficient agriculture. Besides basic review of the regulatory and safety, we learn, among other things. the autonomous flight and data collection and processing lodbilder from large areas. And how to locate cattle using infrared camera!

Price according to offer.

drönare i jordbruk

UAS for inspection, building and Construction

A two-day course where we learn, among other things. participants learn to fly drones with thermal camera to map heat loss and to produce 3D models of areas through autonomous flight. We also review methods for collecting and processing the artwork for the volume calculation of depots and earth- and excavation.

Price according to offer.

UAS för 3D-ritning

"Super Education teacher."

"Well-made materials and good examples!”

"Very happy!”

"Lacking nothing, we got everything. "

Quote from evaluations made of photo journalists and technicians at Aftonbladet, and teacher at Sötåsens naturbruksskola. Average rating on all stages combined: 4,6 of 5. Read,,sv,what Expressen employees enjoyed the same education.,,sv here om vad Expressens medarbetare tyckte om samma utbildning..

Do you want to know more, have a tailor-made curriculum or request a quote? Contact Ulf Grünbaum, cell phone 0739 84 67 79, e-mail ulf[at]helikopterfoto.se