Drone operating class in Stockholm 12 June 2017

Vi upprepar succén!

UAS training in Stockholm 12 June 2017

All must be

Vår topprankade UAS-utbildning för fotografer och bildjournalister var tidigare endast tillgänglig för större grupper som bildredaktioner och web-tv-team. Vi har bland annat utbildat Aftonbladets and Expressens fotografer och videoreportrar. I mars erbjöd vi kursen för enskilda deltagare, and by continued demand, we have added a new course round the 12 June. The training is intended for those who have or plan to get one DJI drones of some sort. We guarantee that after a full day of our educational instructors will feel so comfortable with having your drones in the air that you can concentrate on what you do best - taking great pictures..

Let the veterans show the way

We have done this for a while. Ten years specifically. Accordingly, we have tried many blind alleys and experienced many missing links in drönartekniken. We have been taught control engineering and flight mechanics from the ground up and tested the most in camera stabilization. But we have also been part of some amazing technological leap, seen a framework to emerge, and taught us to do risk assessments - the hard way. In other words: We have a huge experience of flying cameras in unmanned vehicles, and the experience is absolutely vital when we must learn to do right from the start. We look forward to sharing it with you.


Course Outline

Förmiddag (4 timmar STHLM City) devoted to thorough theoretical review of:

  • Permission, Law and regulations
  • Think Safety and liability issues
  • Fototeknik, Airline mechanics and electronics
  • features, possibilities and limitations of DJI:p drones

Afternoon,,da,& Nbsp; we spend on Mälarö model flying club airfields where we & nbsp; & nbsp laps, exercises drönarflygning & nbsp; continued review of UAS theory,,sv,Besides the main teacher Francois Texier's & nbsp; Erik Hugoson in place and helps with the practical exercises. & Nbsp; If there is & nbsp; more than seven students will be another instructor be available,,sv,as well as to familiarize the & nbsp; the heavy lifters who,,sv,& Nbsp; to get the entire curriculum,,sv,Price per participant & nbsp; 9,,sv,You can rent Phantom drones if you have no self to practice,,sv,June, subject to seats filled & nbsp; before that,,,sv, 073,,en,Learn more about our UAS programs and teacher & nbsp;,,sv (3-4 hours) we spend on Mälarö model flying club airfields where we lathes exercises drönarflygning continued review of UAS theory. Besides the main teacher Francois Texier's Erik Hugoson in place and helps with the practical exercises. Will there be more than seven students will be another instructor be available.

It also provides an opportunity for those who want to look closer at the technology and settings such as DJI:s flygkontroller A2 and A3 and to familiarize themselves with the heavy lifters who S900, S1000 and Ronin-gimbalen.

Click here to get the whole curriculum.


Price per participant 9 400:- ink. moms
me. number of participants for the course begins: 4
Max. number of participants: 10

Have printed compendium of summaries, checklists, etc. are included.

Möjlighet finns att hyra Phantom-drönare om du inte har någon egen att träna på.

Last day for registration is 2 June, subject to seats filled before then.

Registration and questions: info@helikopterfoto.se

Francois Texier telefon: 073 021 15 05

Learn more about our UAS programs and course leaderhere.



Francois Texier, head teacher

Francois is a civil engineer and drönarfotograf with long experience as a technology trainer - but above all he is a great educator and developing our courses. He has previously worked in aviation technology at Saab and has certificate for ultralight aircraft.


"Super Education teacher."
"Well-made materials and good examples!”
"Very happy!”
"Lacking nothing, we got everything. "
Quote from evaluations made of photo journalists and technicians at Aftonbladet, and teacher at Sötåsens naturbruksskola. Average rating on all stages combined: 4,6 of 5. Read,,sv,what Expressen employees enjoyed the same education.,,sv here om vad Expressens medarbetare tycke om kursen.