Flight photographers who are tired of winter

Technically, it is not difficult to take aerial photos in the winter – it's just gloves on. The problem comes when image digest no. It is always the difference in light temperature (WB) between areas directly illuminated by the sun and areas of shade. Spring, summer and autumn, it is not so difficult to correct these differences in a typical aerial photograph, but when there is snow on the ground, it thousand times worse. Since snow is white, and do not have a dominant color, syns felaktig vitbalans mycket tydligare än på till exempel grönska som ligger i skugga.  Därför ser skuggorna extra kalla ut på vintern. Dessutom står solen lågt på himlen, providing a greater proportion of shadows over aerial photographs taken in summer. Aerial photos are also extra thankless, because perspective allows one to see every shadowy nook.

Flygfoto från Uppsala på vintern

Aerial view of winter is problematic for white balance

The solution is to make two layers of the image with different color temperatures, and to manually paint up more heat in the shadows. We'll be back with the result, because the process is so time-consuming. While we dream of summer, When aerial photos are perfect from the start.


flygfoto av Lidingö

Aerial from Lidingö sommmaren 2011


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