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We started our aerial photography business with drones in 2006. Back then we were pioneers, Today, we are one of very few drone operators from that era still in business. Persistency and perseverance has been our motto, and we – in contrast to many Swedish hobbyists – have been running the company professionally from start. Our clients are found among top ranking construction companies, architects, film production companies and TV houses. Therefore, we can never afford to violate aviation regulations or risking the safety of people on the ground. Both our clients and we ourselves cherish our renommé to much for that. Instead, we have the resilience and flexibility to wait for the right light, right weather and gaps in airport control zones. We also have a drone fleet big enough to always guarantee a professional camera in the air.


Erik Hugoson
Erik, drone photographer and co-founder, has a vast amount of hours with drones in the air behind him – and probably ten times the time by the workbench. He prefers larger drones carrying his favorite camera Sony A7.

erik [at] helikopterfoto.se
cell phone. +4673 322 73 62


Henrik Jensen
Henrik är vår senast tillkomna drönarfotograf och ett riktigt energitillskott. Han har över 15 års erfarenhet av att filma och producera reklam- och informationsfilm och musikvideor. Henrik driver även uthyrningsföretaget hyrkamera.se som har det mesta du behöver för film-, video of Stockholm Globe Arena- och ljudproduktion.

henrik [at] helikopterfoto.se

Flygfotograf Stockholm Ulf Grünbaum

Ulf Grünbaum
Founded Helicopter Photo Stockholm 2006. Blandar drönarfoto med att hänga ut genom dörren på stora helikoptrar.

ulf [at] helikopterfoto.se